Treatments for pudendal neuralgia

Treatments for pudendal neuralgia include:

  • avoiding things that make the pain worse, such as cycling, constipation or prolonged sitting it may help to use a special ring-shaped cushion when sitting and try constipation treatments
  • medications to alter the pain these will normally be special medications for nerve pain, rather than ordinary painkillers like paracetamol
  • physiotherapy a physiotherapist can teach you exercises to relax your pelvic floor muscles (muscles used to control urination) and other muscles that can irritate the pudendal nerve
  • painkilling injections injections of local anaesthetic and steroid medication may relieve the pain fora few months at a time
  • decompression surgery if something is pressing on the pudendal nerve, such as a piece of tissue, surgery to reposition it away from the nerve may help improve your pain
  • nerve stimulation a special device is surgically implanted under the skin to deliver mild electrical impulses to the nerve and interrupt pain signals sent to the brain

You may be referred to a specialist NHS pain management team or pain management programme for support and advice about treatment.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018