Causes of pudendal neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia can occur if the pudendal nerve is damaged, irritated or squashed (compressed).

Possible causes include:

  • compression of the pudendal nerve by nearby muscles or tissue sometimes called pudendal nerve entrapment or Alcock canal syndrome
  • prolonged sitting, cycling, horse riding or constipation (usually for months or years) this can cause repeated minor damage to the pelvic area
  • previous surgery to the pelvic area
  • a break in one of the bones in the pelvis
  • damage to the pudendal nerve during childbirth this may improve after a few months
  • a non-cancerous or cancerous growth (tumour) pressing on the pudendal nerve

In some cases, a specific cause isn't identified.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018