Young girls and postmenopausal women

It's unusual for young girls to have abnormal vaginal discharge before they'vestarted puberty . See a GP if this happens.

The causes mentionedabove are uncommon inyoung girls, but discharge couldbethe result ofinflammation of the vulva(vulvitis) caused by streptococcal bacteria .

Abnormal dischargeis also unusual in older women. See your GP if you've gone through the menopause andexperience abnormal vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding .

Itmight berelated tothe causes mentioned above, but your doctor may want to rule out otherproblems, such as growths in the womb or lining of the cervix (cervical polyps) or possibly womb cancer .

It's important to pick up womb cancer as early as possible, so don't ignore the symptoms especially vaginal bleeding.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018