What to do if you've broken your finger

You should get medical help if you think you've broken your finger see below for information about where to go if you've broken your finger .

While you're waiting for medical help:

  • avoid moving the affected finger as much as possible you could try gently securing it tothe finger next to it, or tosomething like a pen or lollipop stick, using tape from a first aid kit as long as you're confidentyou know how to do it safely
  • hold the affected hand above the level of your heart this will help reduce any swelling
  • gently hold ice wrapped in a clothagainst the finger this will also help reduce swelling and pain

If it's an open fracture, cover the wound with a sterile dressing and secure it with a bandage. Apply pressure around the wound to control any bleeding.

Content supplied by the NHS Website

Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018