Leaflets to download

The Department of Health has published leaflets for patients who want to know more about FGM. These are available in the following languages:

More about FGM English version (PDF, 117kb)

Mwy o wybodaeth am FGM Welsh version (PDF, 164kb)

Amharic version (PDF, 472kb)

Arabic version (PDF, 228kb)

FGM Farsi version (PDF, 207kb)

Renseignements complmentaires sur les MGF French version (PDF, 167kb)

Informasi selengkapnya tentang FGM Indonesian version (PDF, 160kb)

FGM Kurdish Sorani version (PDF, 245kb)

Macluumaad dheeraad ah ee ku saabsan FGM Somali version (PDF, 170kb)

Habari zaidi kuhusu ukeketaji wa wanawake Swahili version (PDF, 160kb)

Tigrinya version (PDF, 491kb)

Urdu version (PDF, 235kb)

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018