How EDS is inherited

EDS can be inherited, but in some cases it occurs by chance in someone without a family history of the condition.

The two main ways that EDS is inherited are:

  • autosomal dominant inheritance (hypermobile, classical and vascular EDS) the faulty gene that causes EDS is passed on by one parent and there's a 50% risk of each of theirchildren developing the condition
  • autosomal recessive inheritance (kyphoscoliotic EDS) the faulty gene is inherited from both parents and there's a 25% risk of each of their children developing the condition

A person with EDS can only pass on the same type of EDS to their children. For example,the childrenof someone with hypermobile EDS can't inherit vascular EDS.

The severity of the condition can vary withinthe samefamily.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018