Other causes of lower leg pain

Pain in the lower legs and shins can also be caused by:

  • stress fractures (tinycracks in the bone) the pain often affects one leg, but can affect both,and is usually focused in a small area; there may also be some swelling
  • a sprain orstrain this can cause swelling, bruising and painthat continuesduring rest
  • a tendon injury symptoms include pain, stiffness, weakness and a grating or crackling sensation when moving the affected area
  • reduced blood supply to the legs (peripheral arterial disease) this causes an aching pain triggered by physical activity that fades after a few minutes of rest
  • swelling of the leg muscle (compartment syndrome) this can cause cramping pain in the musclesthatdevelops gradually duringexerciseand fades quickly at rest

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018