Rheumatic endocarditis patients may suffer from the following complications: 


  1. Rhythm disruptions, like arrhythmias. Among the most common types include extrasystoles and atrial fibrillation.  

  1. Cardiac insufficienc, which often constitutes the most common cause of death of these patients.  

  1. Infarctions and embolisms, which are more rare than septic endocarditis.  

  1. Subacute bacterial endocarditis, which is one of the most important complications. This is a condition which must be well-recognized by dentists and otolaryngologists, because these are usually bacterial infections that are contracted via the mouth, and that are related to these specialists. In these cases, patients suffering from rheumatic endocarditis have had invasive dental procedures occur without using preventative antibiotic treatment. 

Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 28 Mar 2018
Medical Author: Dr. med. Diana Hysi