How successful is macular hole surgery?

The most important factor in predicting whether the hole closes as a result of surgery is the length of time the hole has been present.

If you've had a holefor less than six months, there's about a90% chance your operation will be successful (9 in 10 operations will successfully close the hole).

If the hole has been present for a year or more, this success rate drops to about 60%.

Most people have some improvement in vision after they've recovered from the surgery. At the very least, the operation normally prevents your sight from getting any worse.

Your doctor will speak to you in more detail about what results you can expect from the surgery.

Even if surgery doesn't successfully correct your central vision, a macular hole neveraffects your peripheral vision, so you'd never go completely blind from this condition.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018