Symptoms in women and girls

In women and girls, lichen sclerosus tends to affect the vulva (the skin around the entrance to the vagina) and the skin around the anus (back passage).

Symptoms include:

  • small whiteareas thatmay increase in sizeand join together to form larger patches these patches may become cracked andsore
  • itchiness ,which tends to be worse at night and may disturb sleep
  • the skin becomingfragile and thin,or wrinkly and thickened
  • red or purple blood blisters
  • pain when having sex and/or passing stools

Without treatment, the vulva may gradually scar and shrink. This can make the entrance to the vagina narrower, which makes sex even more difficult and painful.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018