Treatments for erythema multiforme

Treatment aims to tackle the underlying cause of the condition, relieve your symptoms and stop yourskin becoming infected.

Your doctor may recommend:

  • stopping any medication that may be triggeringyour symptomsdo nottry this without speaking to yourdoctor first
  • antihistamines and moisturising cream to reduce itching
  • steroid cream to reduce redness and swelling (inflammation)
  • painkillers for any pain
  • antiviral tablets, if the cause is a viral infection
  • anaesthetic mouthwash to ease the discomfort of anymouth sores

More severe cases may be treated in hospital with:

  • stronger painkillers
  • wound dressings to stop yoursores becoming infected
  • a softened or liquid diet ifyour mouth is badly affected some people may need fluids giventhrough a drip intoa vein
  • steroid tablets to control the inflammation
  • antibiotics if you have or develop a bacterial infection
  • eye drops or ointment if your eyes are affected
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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018